What Superhero could most likely beat Superman?

Which one of these Superheroes would be able to beat Superman?

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I'm sure Silver Surfer would win against Superman, He-Man too, and maybe even those other Superheroes.


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  • I believe some of them could beat him, Hulk is strong enough to smash Superman, He-Man has magical sword, and is also very strong, Silver Surfer has unlimited power, Batman is smart, he would think of a way to win the fight... any of those Superheroes are able to defeat Superman.


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  • Hulk would beat the crap out of Superman, and Batman could easily outwit him and trap him into some sort of kyptonite trap. Silver Surfer is way too powerful for Superman, and I would also add Thor, he is a god, while Superman is just an alien.


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  • Out of those, my best bets would be Thor or Silver Surfer. Batman has defeated him on multiple occasions but that's because of the plot. Batman even admitted that Superman could defeat him if he was really serious.

    Hulk would have a chance too but only if he's angry enough. Superman would probably take him out before that though. If he can last against Superman for long enough, then he'd have a chance. He-Man is pretty strong too but I don't think he can take on Superman

    As for Thor, it really depends on the location. Thor tends to hold back a lot. He can't even react against Iron Man on Earth but in space, he can keep up with Silver Surfer (who's faster than Superman). I'm referring to classic Thor here since Odin Force Thor can literally freeze time itself.

    • I agree, Silver Surfer would be the most likely choice... however, He-Man has magical sword, Superman is not immune to magic ;)

    • Lol I didn't think of that. Well I think he might have a chance at beating silver age Superman but I doubt if he could take on pre-crisis version. I also think Green Lantern should be on this list. Hal Jordan in his prime was close to Superman's level

    • Indeed, Green Lantern could take him out too :)

  • He-Man and Batman are my favorites here, but Hulk and Supreme are cool too ;)

  • All of them, but my favorites are Batman and Mr Majestic (I voted for him)


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  • Either the Hulk or Thor.

    Batman would be able to beat Superman, and has done so multiple times, but it was never a fight to the death. It was always until either Superman was saved from whatever spell/toxin/etc. that he was being controlled by, someone interfered, or they were fighting for a dumb reason and saw the error of their ways. Also, Batman knows that Superman could kill him instantly in hundreds of different ways but would never do so because he is a good person (Batman has openly said this) and wouldn't kill unless it was absolutely needed (which would almost never be the case with Batman).

    Only the Hulk or Thor would be able to fight in an all out battle with Superman and actually be able to keep up.

    • So would He-Man, he is strong enough, and has magical sword, Superman is not immune to magic.

    • I highly doubt he would be strong enough, since Superman is capable of taking a thermonuclear missile to the face without flinching and has survived being in the center of a supernova without getting a scratch. But I suppose He Man's magic would be able to do some damage.

      Doctor Strange would have a MUCH better chance of beating Superman than He-Man ever could though.

    • Maybe, his magical powers are great, Dr Strange is a worthy opponent, but He-Man could actually kill Superman with his sword of power, luckily for Superman... He-Man is not a violent person :P

  • John Constantine could beat superman while he may not be a superhero he is in the same universe and is good with magic
    AKA supermans other weakness

  • I'm a die hard fan of batman and I dipise superman but I gotta give this one to the silver surfer... He is tremendously strong and the fantastic 4 movie down played him.

  • I would say Thor or Hulk, both would be able to beat him in a straight up brawl

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  • If we are going to speak realistically, according to the comic books based upon screw attack's representation of superman the only person who can beat superman is superman, due to the writing of the character, outside of that the next most likely candidate that comes to mind without including character's who are far beyond superman, of course, those of which who can bend spacetime to their will, would be Goku as a super Saiyan god.

    • Apparently, superman can receive rapid fire hydrogen bombs to the face without phasing, can hold a black-hole in his hands, and even lift a book of infinite pages.

      Man's OP.

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    • I still think the surfing concept is lame though, other than that he's a very cool and interesting character.

    • Yeah, I agree on that too