My dad left my mom because I was born?

My dad and mom aren't married, but my mom got pregnant in her 20's and my father wasn't happy because he didn't want to be a dad. My dad left my mom when I was 11 and then she told me about it and I got extremely upset. I still can't get over it. So I live with a single mother and I love her so much she's literally my rock, but she still isn't over him and kind of still has feelings for him. Yeah it was obvious he was never wanting to be a dad, I know he's glad I was born but I mean what if I wasn't. Would they still be together? Would they be happy? Would they not be bankrupt to pay for my school fees?


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  • Some men don't want children and chances are they wouldn't because she chose to keep you, she chose you over him.

  • you can't think like that cause this is toxic
    like your mum is your rock, it goes the same way with her.
    chances are they weren't meant for each other and that is it.
    nthng to do with you sweety :)

  • Your mother is messed up for telling you that. And he is messed up for not facing up to the consequences of his actions, then sticking around for 11 years for you to bond before he fucked off.