What's it like being attractive?

Do you have people hit on you constantly, do you get asked out often?

I'm just curious what it would be like...

What's it like being attractive?

wow, nobody has any thoughts?
So there's no attractive people on this site I guess...


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  • The advantages of being attractive are obvious enough, but, there are disadvantages -- especially for late-bloomers or, in a particularly cruel irony, those with excessive humility / lack of self-confidence.

    I know this one boy who's just blindingly gorgeous, in the pretty-boy way. He's actually done some catalog modeling for brands like Nautica, Hilfiger, that kinda look. He also grew up in a fucked-up house with an emotionally abusive single mother, who managed to convince him that he (along with pretty much all other men) was a piece of shit.
    This boy just CANNOT get the time of day from women. It's a rock-and-hard-place situation. Women of average looks just won't even take him seriously in that way, because they're just like "Why would I even bother setting myself up for that." And women of exceptional looks -- of an exceptional-ness equal to his -- are just immediately disappointed when they meet him. His lack of confidence gets him KO'd in about seven seconds. He's in his late 20's and I think he might still even be a virgin (not by choice).

    He's an extreme situation, but, the lesson's obvious enough. It can be pretty damn lonely at the top, if you don't exude the personality to match.


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  • "What's it like being attractive?" Umm, as an attractive man, everything gets easier when it comes to the opposite gender IMHO. Since girls will be the lusting over you (off of your looks alone sadly) instead of you as the man having to be the 1 doing everything in your power to get with them (like ya see in the movies LOL).

    "Do you have people hit on you constantly" Yeah.

    • these girls don't hide their "thirst" HAAHAHA

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    • #T4MHO + reading it now.


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  • I never been. I like that long 4 hour movie.

    • one day apple, one day you'll know... just need to bring your makeup game to the next level.

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    • I don't want to be a dick but a rectangle body shape is probably the worst to have when it comes to being overweight or chubby (chubby looks best with a pear or hour glass body shapes in my opinion - like that girl I showed she has hourglass figure). The rectangle body shape usually looks best when the girl/woman is athletic & or very slender (the cliche model look) so if you care and ever feel inspired I highly recommend getting a workout routine going, you'll look better and feel better.

      This woman had rectangle figure - www.flexonline.com/.../199991.jpg?itok=dEAPA3LM


    • Yeah I know.

  • Yes I get hit on a lot, I didn't think I was THAT attractive until me and my boyfriend went on a break and in the first week 6 guys asked me out. I think it has to do with your personality too though, I'm a very confident, straight forward person and I think people are attracted to that as well..

    • As we get older personality becomes a big factor in whether or not you are perceived as desirable or not... confidence and character are sexy traits.

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  • It's life on ez mode bro

    BRB underachieving my way through university and still getting top tier internships
    BRB I don't have to approach women they approach me
    BRB everyone laughs at everything I say
    BRB sex comes easy
    BRB old ladies telling me I'm handsome
    BRB getting promoted at work even though I don't do shit

    • I usually hate bro euphemisms but this shit had me laughing... kudos to you Sir.

      Do you think I could be attractive too if I cut of my long hair and stubble my beard?

    • need to see pics

  • I'd like to know either.

  • followed everywhere.

    • lol you got it that bad?

    • i'm the one doing the following

    • Oh snap! Plot twist... are you M. Night Shyamalan?

  • People think you're a bigger asshole than you really are

    • Plausible... or maybe they are as big of an asshole as they seem to be?

    • Some people don't perceive themselves as attractive and, ironically, they're the ones who get judged more harshly.

    • ^^ Oh, fuck yes. Didn't see this until after I wrote my comment, up there. Textbook case.