Am I weird or is what i'm feeling normal?

I've been dating a guy. I met him online and we met up in person the other weekend. Things went surprisingly well. We talked a great deal, have a great deal of shared interests and humor, he was a gentleman, and we even shared a kiss/mini makeout. This is all new to me since i haven't dated in a good 5 years or so. So when he called me back and wanted to see me again i'm starting to feel confused and like i don't want to see him again. But in reality i can't wait to see him again, it's like fear is trying to play tug-a-war with me. It's like there is one person on one side of me saying "go" and another person on the other side of me saying "no don't go" is this normal? Meanwhile i can feel that he's really into me and can feel me pulling away. What's wrong with me?


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  • If you've not dated for a while then yeah it makes sense you'd be a bit nervous, even more understandable if you've been hurt by a boyfriend before. As long as you like him i'd say it's worth ignoring it, until he gives reason for concern

  • Normal


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