How to be independent at 17?

Without leaving house


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  • get a job (part-time during school if you have time) during the summer. that will give you some financial independence.

    aside from that it's sort of hard to be independent at your age. you can be emotionally and mentally independent which just means thinking for yourself and not allowing yourself to simply adopt the thoughts of others

    • Yh I'm trying hard to get a job... might do volunteering...

      Oh how can u be mentally and emotionally independent? Never heard of that

    • group thought is a big thing when young... i remember it distinctly

      an example of group thought is when a bunch of people say that someone isn't cool or is a nerd and masses of people judge that person the same way without actually getting to know the person. the independent thinker would be the person to step aside and not allow themselves to be influenced to think something without personally experiencing it

    • Wow that's me 😘😘😘


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  • Start with getting a job and take things from there. Moving out really helped me become independent and I moved out when I was 18 and half years old to US for 2 years before moving back to Canada and earning my LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) diploma.

  • Don't register for any political parties. Then you are considered "An Independent".

  • Hard to be independent, first you need money and a job and find a cheap room when you turn 18 you need driving license and a car to get total freedom of travel.

    You're only independent at 17 if you have money and can pay for yourself if you live in your parents house and maybe make a door lock

    • Oh well my first aim is to get a part time job and learn cleaning up the house and managing finance

  • Find a job
    Leave your house
    You'll have to work hard
    Enjoy 👍

    • Why can't I become become independent without leaving house?

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    • *on parents

  • Have lost of wilde, useless sex. Be a whore. Yell at your parents and run away to mexico.


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  • As stated from most people. Finding a job. Maybe getting a Hosting job at a restaurant. That'll help you feel more independent. You don't have to move out to feel independent, I started just buying some personal care items for myself and some food type things that I enjoyed. Once you get a job, start a checking/savings account. What I did when hosting was (I made tips/hourly wage) I would put my paycheck a into a savings and put my tip money into a checking account for spending. Once I saved enough money I got a car and what not.

  • Get a job
    Move out
    Bam you're independent

    • I'm working on getting a job or to do volunteering...

      I'm sure u can become independent at home instead of moving out?

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    • Wanna save money first. I've got 0 balance, never had a job.

      Tips to find a job?

    • Well I've never worked either xD basically something simple
      Look at fast food areas or the mall or even a supermarket
      You can shelf stock or something