Do I have a right to be upset about this?

There was a guy who got kicked out of his home and he said he felt hungry so I took him to the cafeteria and bought him food and while we were looking for tables to sit in, he ran into one of his friends so he sat with her and left me to sit at another table by myself when I'm the one who bought him food because he was homeless. I felt sad but I tried not to let it bother me. I think its because I'm older than him so he might think I'm boring or not worth talking to.


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  • Did he leave you sitting alone?

    • Yeah he did. The table the girl was in was packed with people and there was only one available seat - he took the seat and left me to sit by myself.

    • Sorry. I would tell him that his friends can feed him next time he asks

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  • Seems a little rude to me. I'd be a bit bothered too.


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  • That's the worst type of person to get involve with. The type that puts himself before others. Personally I'd say to my self "screw them, let em spread their genital warts to themselves."...

    Forget him, and if he wants to come back to you just tell him that he's too self centered for you and you're feeling too left out.

  • there homeless for a reason sometimes


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