Why does this girl dislike me?

we werent ever that close but a few weeks ago i had sex with this guy and i told my friend and i think she heard me. and now she looks at me weird and she looks unhappy or annoyed. but before she seemed to tolerate me more. people have sex and make out so I don't know why she is acting a little rude to me. like i said thanks and she ignored me and just looked at me. my friends said its probably because she likes the guy i slept with. the guy i was with is on the popular side. do you think thats why? she's superrrr shy though so I don't know.

  • she never liked you
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  • she thinks you're a slut
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  • she has a crush on the guy you slept with
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  • she's jealous of you
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  • other
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  • Probably C and D together would be my guess


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