Smokers, do you ever feel that your addiction is more mental or physical?

One of the biggest mistakes I made was starting smoking after I quit for a few years. I had one in college when I was drunk and slowly started back up again.

That being said, I feel that my addiction is more mental than physical. For example, I could be at my apartment and if I have cigarettes then I'll smoke one every few hours and if I don't have a pack then I'm fine without them but if I drive past the gas station I usually get them at or if I'm out at a bar or with friends who smoke, that's when my cravings kick in and I'll smoke a lot.

I am using an e cig from Vuse and on days where I heavily cut down or try not to have any, I take a puff from my e cig and that helps the craving down. Only times it sucks is when my cartridge runs out of battery or puffs and then I buy a pack.

Which one is your addiction? More physical or mental? Regardless of what type, how are you cutting down?

One thing I'm doing to slowly cut down is to quit buying packs and give people $1 for a cigarette at the bar as opposed to buying a pack and having them on me, making it easier to smoke more.


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