What do you think about my ebooks?

I haven't paid a single dollar for any of them. Thank God for torrents! There's even more on my phone, those are the ones I transferred to my iPad. I'm thinking about buying a Kindle.

What do you think about my ebooks?


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  • I'm all for gathering information in whatever way works for you and you can afford, but bragging about not paying for those books probably isn't the greatest idea in the world.
    Glad to know people still read though!

    • Thanks! I probably won't face any punishment for downloading those books. Many have "COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS ILLEGAL!!! YOU'L GO TO JAIL!!" warnings written in them, but those "laws" are rarely enforced. Since I'm far from USA, I don't have any concerns.

    • Yeah, I get it, I'm with you. But it's just one of those things that I don't see any benefit to bragging about, you know?

      Read on!

    • 👍🏼✨


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  • Waow they are great

  • Im the same. I get movies, tv series, ebooks, pc games all for free. But funnily enough I've used a tor**** like once or twice.


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