Is there a way for someone to mail something to you without giving them your adress?

If u don't feel safe giving your adress out?

like a place where they could send it and I go pick it up?


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  • There are regular PO Boxes and there are Private PO Boxes at places like the UPS Store (here in the US). I don't know what their requirements are for payment.


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  • If you have a PO box.

    • Can u pay cash for a credit card?

    • Wait I'm sorry I meant can u pay cash for a po box

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  • Have a proxy address or something. Maybe talk to a friend, have the person send the item to your friend's place and then have your friend deliver it back to you or something.

    Maybe use a P. O. Box orsomething, and that depends on where you are in the world.

    Sometimes people may have restrictions that they will absolutely never ship to P. O. boxes though. So know what their shipping and mailing policies are beforehand.

  • you could rent a p. o. box. have it shipped to a neighbor. aside from that you'll need a street address


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