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Today I was looking for a place to sit in the university seating area around lunch time and could not find a single table that was empty, all of them had people sitting on them and all of them had groups of people sitting on them so I went to the study area to sit there since they had tables next to the chairs and I thought it would be a good place to rest my lap top.

While I found an empty seat, the woman sitting next to the seat told me "you can't sit here, my friend is sitting here." I was angry but i sat at another chair across from her and tried to study in my seat but gave up because the internet wasn't working very well.

I was there for 1 hour and nobody ever arrived to sit in the empty seat that she claimed her friend was sitting on. She lied because she did not want me to sit next to her. I think she may have judged me for being chinese.


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  • Something is seriously wrong with these people. Sure, they could be racist. Maybe they're germ-phobic. Maybe they're drawing porn sketches they want nobody to see. Consider them deeply disturbed.


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  • I know the story, people here in Belgium also do that: "my friend is sitting there".
    From time to time someone dares to say "I don't see him" and sit down there 8)

  • What a bitch!


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  • I'd let it go - it's over and you'll never know why she said that. Maybe her friend was supposed to meet her and didn't. Maybe her friend was with her but got an important phone call and she wasn't sure if they were coming back or not. Maybe she saw that there were other empty seats around and assumed you wanted to sit there to hit on her. I highly doubt it was because you're Chinese.