Anyone here who watched tokyo ghoul?

Well, i was wondering why kanekis hair changed it's color to white and his nails stayed black after he got tortured? I heard about the Marie Antoinette syndrome that probably caused his hair to turn white but what about his nails? I actually don't want to mix anime with possible logical reasons but I'm curious now because i read about it a lot


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  • His hair turned white via the "ghoul" powers taking over even more of his body than usual I'm sure.

    Ya know due to the physical/mental pain that he was in at the time. If not just the "pure #rage " he had in the moment like when Goku turning super saiyan while fighting Frieza, right? Except he can' tgo back to normal.

    • OR his "white" hair could signify the light side (human side) of him while the "darker" side signifies the evil ghoul side.

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    • Haha misty u got it :3

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  • I never seen it. Is it any good?

    • It's my absolute favourite anime!

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    • Yeah heroines... haha! Sorry I totally stupid haha! But I love anime. So much I am thinking about join animation as a career. An art director or something I can't draw but I sure do have a vision. Someday I'll have an anime series longer than naurto!

    • Oh its on youtube claymore dub eng if you don't want to read.


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  • I think you just answered your own question: it's anime logic. Also have you read the tokyo ghoul RE manga? It's pretty dam good #etoisbae

    • Really? I don't like the drawing tbh

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    • RE is the sequel bruh. After season 1 anime.

    • Oh really? Well if that's the case i might read it

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