I feel guilty for this?

So my dad ordered pizza and I told him not to order for me and while it came My dad and my brother were eating and they were like eat and I was like no, but like if there are any leftovers I will. So there were 8 LARGE slices, anyways my brother ate four and I guess one was given to the guest or maybe not and I saw my dad eating pizza but then I didn't see if he finished his one piece cause then he gave another piece which had a one bite taken from it to keep it in the oven so that it gets crispy. Anyways like when he was eating he was like I think we should order more and order pizza and I told him more and told him also several times that I don't want it. Maybe he left it cause I was there in front of him while he was eating. So anyways overall there were two pieces left and so right now I can't sleep cause of what if he just ate one piece but I think he must have eaten two mostly and I don't think it must have gone to the guest. I feel guilty what if he wanted to eat more and he left it for me. I don't like this.

I know it's stupid but I don't know why.


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  • Eh. Sometimes you've got to take people at what they say. That goes for your dad listening to you, and you listening to him. And if he says he wasn't hungry and left some pizza, well, that's his choice, not yours. You can't be responsible for other people's choices, especially when you made your position so clear ;)

    Relax. He won't starve to death or anything.

    • Hope that helps some. Guilt - especially guilt that doesn't necessarily listen to logic - can be a very difficult thing to deal with!

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  • I Feel you have Big Heart to Start here, dear.
    For you to lose sleep over dad and feeling "Guilty that if he wanted to eat more and he left it for me,' I Feel that your dad is One lucky Pop to have such a Considerate Daughter... On the Hot Pizza Spot.
    Talk to him and get this off your chest. I think dad will be glad you did and a Hug would be Warranted with No hard Feelings of these Dealings.
    Good luck. xx


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