Where can I find someone to listen to me?

I like to talk about science and relgion and philosophy and I really can't find someone to share my thoughts in these things with my parents are always busy and you hardly find someone here that you can talk with about science lol , so I mostly just shut up but I feel I will explode I don't know what to do :(


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  • Go to the Mosque.

    • People pray there who will I talk to its a worshiping place

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    • Yeah I have a few. Like one of my friends converted when she was 15; she just felt in her heart it was right. Her mom got so mad she kicked her out of the house and burned all her stuff.
      Alhamdulliah its been almost 15 years now and she has a good relationship with her parents and husband and friends. :)
      I know a lot of amazing stories subhanallah. Can't share them all but a lot of them are really amazing.

    • That's really amazing thank you 😊

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  • Id say the bar but I think you practice Islam. So that's kinda out of the question.

    • Besides Muslims go to the bars more than Christians now but yeah 😂

    • Hahah really?😂

    • We now in the era of the postmodernity, the people who are extremists they are little little little minority ( are the cause if the postmodernity but in an Islamic dress ) there are in this world two kinds of extremists , the closed minded extremists , and the open mind extremists , normal Muslims tend to be those open minded extremists but in an Islamic uniform

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  • Talk to college professor?


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