Why do some pants for men have buttons instead of zipper?

I got a new pair of jeans from Nordstroms Rack, it has buttons instead of zipper. The only reason I bought it, is because it was the only style they had that fits me perfectly. Otherwise I would have went with a zipper one.

I was just thinking to myself, this is such a stupid idea - why would anyone make jeans with buttons instead of zipper? It makes going to the bathroom so much more inconvenient - every time you your pepe out or put it back in, you have to unbutton / button.

Does anyone know what is the purpose of having buttons, other than the purpose of making a stupid idea come to fruition?


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  • I am not sure its like a law now!


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  • Blue jeans were invented by Levi Strauss before the invention of the zipper. Jeans originally used buttons. Those that still do harken back to the original design.

  • I fucking hate the buttons, it's such a pain in the ass especially when the jeans are new and you're taking a piss at the urinal.