Would you think I sound interesting?

I want to know what people would think of me so I will tell you what I'm like. I'm tall, not skinny but not fat, shy, single, never had a girlfriend, silent, smart, flexible (sort of), immune to cold and hot temperatures, strong, I feel little pain, I do well in school most of the time, I practice martial arts, I have ancestors of many countries (Nordic, German, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, African American, and many others, I am white though, because they are far ancestors), I love drawing, I love to watch, and make anime/manga, my religion is Christian Buddhism (yes its a thing), I play instruments, love all music, I'm a rapper, I make origami, I build stuff, I play videogames sometimes, I'm a good cook, but I'm allergic to many things, I suffer from clinical depression. There are many other things about me I didn't say or things people don't know about me, but I want to know what people think of me first.

African American dated back to the 1800s, I'm not sure why I'm Asian but joining the marine corps may be most reasons, wars and relationships of natives, I practice martial arts because its very interesting and fun, and might as well do it for dire situations, self defense, grappling, punching, flying kicks, and dodging attacks are very effective. I also practice mma. I also know how to disarm people. It may not be of need now, but just in case, martial arts is best for keeping yourself alive
To be specific I'm a Zen Buddhist Christian


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  • Ooh martial arts/rapping/cooking=YES. There's nothing wrong with having clinical depression. It just sounds to me like you have a heart and are sensitive. You sound like a very nice and talented guy. :)

    • But what do you think about me being a Christian Buddhist, is that weird, do you know of anyone else who is a Christian Buddhist?

    • But thank you

    • I don't know anyone else who is a christian buddhist, but people shouldn't be judging others by what they believe in.

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  • Personally I would find you more interesting if you mentioned some aspects of your personality, why you practice martial arts or find it relevant to mention your ancestry. Don´t take it the wrong way... but I comes off a bit superficial to me.

  • You seem so perfect.. Why are you single?

    • Because I have never tried to be in a relationship, I'm sensitive so I would most likely get my heart broken

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  • when u look at your block of text w/ unfocused eyes... you see all the I's begin to pop out.