Why do I have an overpowering need to protect people?

Everywhere I go I see people struggling with something and I just feel the need to protect them and help them out, even animal's, I ran after multiple dogs and returned them, I've saved babies from falling or getting hit by something I've helped old people I've helped just about everyone even my enemies... Why do I feel like I need to keep the people I don't know and animals safe? I'm joining the military soon, and I'm a bodybuilder so maybe that's why?


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  • I don't know why, but that's awesome, it'd be great if there were more people like you. Be proud of that :)


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  • Why question it? It sounds like a very good set of qualities. Are you going into the military to help and protect people or for other reasons. Whatever you end up doing should suit your qualities.

    • I'm going in hopes to help the people that can't escape isis

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    • I'm relieved to hear that. The US has had a very unfortunate role in this crisis.

    • I know that. It's sad to see such people so poor that they only want money


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  • Because you're a nice person?


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  • take a test and see where you rank in protective instincts.

    im pretty sure its not because of you joining the military soon or being a body builder. Those would have most likely developed because of who you are, not shaped who you are.