What do you think of shy girls/guys?

What do you think of shy people? Is it a turn on or turn off?


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  • It varies a great deal between people on whether they are attracted to shy people or not and which ones they might be attracted to. I personally am attracted to shy people but many others as well. My girlfriend is anything but shy.


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  • Cute.

    I remember my boyfriend struggling to tell me he liked me because we were friends and he kept saying it would be awkward if he told me who he liked and when I confessed I liked him back he was super shocked and a few days later asked "Not to make it awkward but do you think it would be awkward or weird if we went out?" he seemed really embarrassed to tell me and nervous of asking that and I thought it was really cute.

    I get quite shy as well. Sometimes if he tries to flirt with me on Skype by talking about kissing like "I'm gonna make your face go red", "What would you do if I kissed you?", "You'd love it though, admit it" I just pause, blush and tell him to shut up and he just laughs and says he finds it funny, he also told me he found it cute though so I think a lot of people just think it's cute. Well, me and my boyfriend do anyway.

    • Lol that's actually very cute β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚

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    • Lol I can imagine. Does he blush too?

    • Not that I've noticed but if I lean on his shoulder or anything I'll notice a smile appear on his face and he'll just slowly turn over to be and be like "You're leaning on my shoulder :)" It's like he's so happy about something that small, it's cute. And it's such a sappy smile.


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  • Some of them can be super cute, others can be so boring and awkward. It depends really.


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  • I have no issue with them but romantically, shy guys bore me because I'm a wild girl and I need a guy who's not too timid and shy to bring me an adventure or come along with my wild, crazy antics.

  • Depends on how shy and what kind of shy...
    If it like an initial shyness that wears off - totally no prob
    If it gets awk to hold a convo, I might have a bit of an issue.
    But if you're talking about a platonic friendship, its all cool with me