I had this dream and I woke up with lots of tears in my eyes?

Ok. I am eleven years old and I had a dream that scared me so much last night. My mom and dad had a huge fight and I can't remember it much. But they had a fight and then they wanted a divorce, my mom was asking for it. Then my dad chose to move out and I was crying for him to not leave us. But he still went away not caring. I told my mom to get my dad and she said NO. Then It all went white... I woke up in the middle of night with lots of tears in my eyes and I felt really bad and depressed. What is wrong with me? Thanks. And also explain with evidence.


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  • Your are playing out your fears in your dreams.
    It's something most people do now and then. Nothing is wrong with you.


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  • Nothing wrong with you. We all have nightmares. Thoughts going through our heads while we are asleep. Rarely mean anything.

  • Nothing is wrong with you every one has nightmares you will be fine

    • But u would guess one of your friends parents are getting a divorce

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