How do you deal with people who don't like you?

Do you have any people who don't like you?
I grew up a very likeable person and so I wasn't exposed to anybody who did not like me. I know it sounds kind of childish, but this is something new to me because I have always been good to people.

One of my coworkers, who I was practically best frends with before, does not like me now. Kind of a long story, but she assumed things that were not true at all and I confronted her trying to fix the situation. I decided to privatize my facebook from work since I did not want anymore issues with coworkers. She found out, and now really does not like me and unfriended me.

Its bothering me and it really shouldn't.. says everyone. I don't know how to act around her anymore or what to do.


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  • A lot of people do not like me, but that's my own fault. I try to be nice, polite and helpful with everyone, but is till have some MASSIVE flaws which make me a generally unlikleable person. I just ignore people who don't like me, though.

    You should do the same. Just ignore them, they aren't worth your time or energy.


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  • Ignore them.

    • That's just it. It's so hard for me to just turn my head away around her. We'll all be standing around at work and it's just an awkward vibe...
      If I HAVE to talk to her at work, it's just weird.
      Is this a common thing people deal with daily lol

    • Many people probably don't like you, right now, I do not like you. I barely like people at all, but I usually act like I do just to avoid problems. I'm sure other people dislike you, she's just more forward about it. It's a part of life. Now just ignore her it's not rocket science and it's not music theory.


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  • I'm very abrasive and dickish.

    Anyways, just be professional and understand that some people will never like you. The way you describe yourself, you've done nothing wrong and should be proud of the fact you get along with so many people.

    Confronting her is a very respectable move on your part, and I rarely see this coming from female coworkers. Usually it's gossip and mad chirping.

    Keep making the world a better place.

  • I don't get why you'd restrict her access from seeing your information on facebook. She more than likely took it that you didn't like her, so she's probably upset about that.

    Anyway you can never make everyone like you. There's something that people find annoying in others no matter what, some more than others.

    • Sometimes people who were previously friends stop being friends over just misunderstandings, which is tragic..

  • I spent my whole life agonizing over this.

    Finally, I had had enough and decided that I'm just going to be nice. I'm not going to try to get in their heads and figure out what the exact perfect thing to say is. I'll be nice, and it's up to them to decide how to react. If they don't like me, it doesn't matter because I know I've done right by them.

  • You and i are in the same boat. Although i was quick to rathr expect good things from people even when things were bad. Anyways i learned a long time ago, the less you act on someone or something the more likely the problem will go away... in other words... don't give a damn.

  • Screw 'em, their loss.
    That's how you handle it.


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