How much money should I bring with me? Is it easy or difficult to go alone? Have you ever done it before?

Hello guys, so I'm really fascinated with the idea of travelling somewhere all by myself. I want to discover a place and discover myself. I was thinking about it a lot, and the only way to have informations about travelling is here (there are other ways but meh) , Thank you guys if you could help.


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  • Traveling is an incredible opportunity and if you can you should! It can be easy to go alone because you do not have to worry about anyone else. For money it depends on how long you are going for and if you plan to get souvenirs. It is best to make a budget for each day including meals, snacks, transportation, and maybe one or two souvenirs for the trip.


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  • Start out with just day trips and then work up to longer trips. You'll get a better idea of how to find good deals and recognize how to spend.


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