You get caught in the bathroom after pooping?

So you just pooped at work ( you had to as you had some bad food for lunch) and there is no one else in the bathroom, it stinks and you try to flush the toilet but it doesn't work due to a plumbing issue.

You go out of the stall and the CEO of the company enters and brings in some shareholders to show them the new bathroom. They CEO pushes the door open and says" And here is our new bathroom its... oh hi bill ( your name is bill)", he and the others stop and you see they have noticed the smell, what would you do?

  • Say it wasn't you
    14% (1)0% (0)12% (1)Vote
  • Say frank is still in the stall and that its him
    14% (1)0% (0)12% (1)Vote
  • Say you pooped but there is no water to flush away your poop
    29% (2)0% (0)25% (2)Vote
  • Pretend you don't smell anything and attempt to wash you hands even though there is no water
    14% (1)100% (1)25% (2)Vote
  • Tell them you are late for that meeting and run out
    29% (2)0% (0)26% (2)Vote
  • other
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