Why do so many people hate Cam Newton?

Cam Newton has always been hated and continues to be hated by people. Even on my facebook and twitter, I see Cam Newton being hated on. Why is that? One facebook friend of mine just said that he should be in a jail rather than playing for a super bowl. He also gets called a thug by NFL fans on a daily basis. Not sure why he gets this much hate. I am not a fan of him but I don't hate him. The hate that he gets is honestly unfair. I wanna root for the Broncos in the super bowl but since Cam has so many haters, I feel like switching to root for the Panthers so his haters can cry.

Today is the super bowl so let's see if I can get some answers now.


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  • Well the post interview was a disgrace. He acted very immature and sore loser.


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  • Because he's cocky.

    • So he should be called a thug by several people because of that? No one called Johnny Football a thug.

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    • On twitter he's hated a lot and I asked him cause I saw a Facebook friend posting that he belongs in jail so that's why I asked.

    • Oh okay I don't know. I just dislike him because he's sort of cocky

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