How do you make life decisions?

I'm the worst at making any kind of decision I hate it! How do you make decisions and feel confident and not worry and have anxiety issues around it?


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  • What ever has the most benifit even if it's not the easier one

    • How do you come to that conclusion and not constantly doubt your decisions?

    • I try to weigh the pros and cons but we can't always be right, have to take some risk


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  • I make decisions mostly on if it will benefit me in some way and how it will help me grow as an individual in some way. If it does nothing for me I do not take part in it. I think most people feel worried or have anxiety about the bigger life decisions because there is never a certainty to it. Sometimes you just have to trust yourself and make the best of the decision you made.

  • I have to be cold. Quickly list the one that give sme more disadvantages in the medium run... and just decide.

    That's something we can all develop, practice it. ;)


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