How do I find out a guy's age without being rude?

I like this guy, but I've been told by others that he seems much older than me. I don't notice it, but maybe it's because I have feelings for him. I want to find out how old he is in case he's way too old for me, but I don't know how to. On facebook, he hasn't posted his birthday year. Once I asked him what he misses when he was younger (like a child), and he seemed pretty defensive, asking if I think he's old. I quickly told him the misunderstanding, but now I don't know how to nicely ask his age. I feel like if I do, he may feel offended, but if I don't, I may fall more with him and later find out he's too old. He seems really mature so I can tell right away that's he is older than me, but I can't tell how old


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  • I think there's a few different approaches you could take. You could be direct and honest, which most guys usually have 0 problems with. (Guys tend to prefer that girls are upfront with them) Alternatively, you could be a bit more subtle about it. Try asking what year he is in college, or what year he graduated! Most people start around age 18 so you can do the math from there. You could also try peeking at his driver's license or something. Maybe ask him to fill out an online account where they require birthday info. (Idk what stores he likes, but suggest that his favorite one has great deals online and encourage him to make an account with you) In any of these cases, if you find out his b-day, a good rule of thumb for the max. difference in age is 1/2 his age + 7. That being said, if you really like him, don't let age come in the way of things. (Although it's a good thing to know)


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  • How to ask someone's age, nicely? the only way I can think is to ask him directly, but you haven't done that I suppose, or you did that but that was an indirect way. Otherwise the other way is if you know some of his friends, close friends then you can try asking them.

    I don't know this is not a suggested way though. It's a tough situation!

  • Ask him to pull down his pants and bend over. Then count the number of rings around his bunghole.


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