Why are people so nosy?

I love doodling, while I take notes in class. The guy that sits next to me always read what I write and always looks at what I draw. I don't really know the guy but every class the same thing. I wrote down how I was feeling in the corner of my paper away from his viewing range and he still managed to read my paper. Again all I do is take notes and doodle. Today, another person sat in his spot and she was semi watching me doodle and reading my notes. I can understand glancing at someone's paper or them but not watch me while I write every single time.
Why the hell are people so nosy, I mean it is no reason to be this nosy?


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  • Ooh, what were you doodling? What were the feelings you was writing? Seriously though, I can't stand nosy people and don't understand why there's such a need for some to poke around so much at times.

    • Lol, especially when there is no need to be nosy. I was summarzing the professor's lecture.

    • Haha the questions were me being nosy in a smartass / joking way lol

    • Lmbo! Yeah, I caught that. I was commenting on the nosy part. Mr. Sarcastic, I like sarcastic people.

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  • I have the same problem. This one chick wouldn't stop staring at me at my computer in class and I kept wondering what was so enthralling about me entering data. I was just a regular student.


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