Why do I keep having these dreams?

Ok so I'm 15 and a girl and for some reason every once in a while I have random wet dreams about my brother. I literally have no idea why. He's my brother and in no way do I like him in that way nor do I condone incest. I have no idea why I keep having this dream. But I don't always see his actual face in my dreams, I usually do but not always. Like for example, last night I had a dream that I was like touching a guy threw his pants and I liked it and stuff but right after I woke up I noticed that I recognized the guys shorts that he was wearing. It was the same shorts that my brother has... it was him. I felt like throwing up. What do I do? Why does this keep happening?


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  • How many of those dreams about your brother have you had?

    • Several. Over the past few months.

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    • Thank so much for the advice😊

    • You're welcome dear and everything's going to be alright don't worry.

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  • Is this a case of associating it as your brother after you awaken or do you actually see his face in your dreams while its occuring? In your dream example this time you don't recognize it as your brother, you only remember the same shorts. It's prob just your sub concious filling in the details with things you see in your daily life. As far as your concerned it was a guy who owns shorts the same as your brother. lol

    • Yea. I guess that is true, but this was he first time that I didn't see his face. Every other time I saw his face in the beginning and we still continued like it was normal.


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  • You should go to therapy..

  • Your probably just having nightmares it sometimes happens by the stuff you eat


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