If you was seeing someone and he smelled so bad down there what would you tell him?

Okay so if you was seeing a man and he smelled down there at times like really bad but wanted you to give him blowjobs would you tell him he smells? Remember if you were only seeing him not going out. I carried on because I didn't want to embarrass him but what would you do?


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  • Do him (and you) a favor and tell him. "Dude first you need to clean up down here."


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  • tell him to go to the damn doctor.

    • you should have suggested he take a shower. why would you go down on a guy while he smells bad? who the hell knows what that could have been from. and now its in your mouth. ew!

    • Haha , I know I shouldn't laugh. I just didn't want to embarrass him because it would have made things really awkward I would have not been able to look at him again the same way.

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  • HER? Of course, it's tit for tat b/c she tells me
    Once it was too late, well into doggie style... stop & tell? I should have, it changed that position's popularity with me


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  • I wouldn't go near there if it smelled...