Do you even feel bad for being with a guy who has a girlfriend?

This is mostly for girls who have helped a guy cheat on his girlfriend. I've been cheated on before, and actually, the girl who he was cheating on me with was an old friend from school.
I'm sorry, but I really hate cheaters and I have no respect for girls who KNOW that a guy is IN A RELATIONSHIP, and she still goes after him. Don't get me wrong, he's just as bad for cheating, but I just don't understand how a girl could do that to another girl! Like you know he's taken, why would you even go there?
I don't mean to sound so mean, but I genuinely do want to know what goes on in your head when this happens. Don't you girls ever feel bad about it? Don't you have hearts? Lol I just don't understand how you could do that to somebody and seem to be so okay with it.


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  • most girls who do this are kind of stupid. they assume he won´t cheat on them, even though he cheated with them... i personally know a case in my circle. it didn´t go well and i kind of enjoy that they had a horrible breakup.


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  • Sorry, I have my own opinion about the above question. I do agree that no person should ever get involved with a married man or woman. bottom line as that is adultery and just plain wrong, entirely, no exceptions!!! Married people are someone else's property in God's eye. As for dating a guy with a girlfriend, that is a different story altogether. If they couple has kids, I would say that it is best to stay out of it if they are serious and living together. I texted a guy who lied and said he was single and kept saying that for months. I did hear from his female friend but he denied living with her. Every situation is different. If you openly know from the start that he is living with a girl full time, then I would say why waste the time but if a guy is just single and dating other women, then there is no ring on his finger and he is free to do as he pleases. There is no such thing as a loyal boyfriend or girlfriend is this world. Humans who are not married legally will never force themselves to honor their commitment towards each other. Married couples will honor the covenant they made before God most of the time and force themselves to honor their vows even if tempted. However, people do fail but most will stay with their married partner which I feel is the correct thing to do as what God joins together, no man or woman should bring apart but as for people who just live common law, there is nothing there to keep them faithful. Humans are human and the word boyfriend means a male friend. Sorry, but outside the marriage bed, I honestly believe there is no such thing as loyalty between two people. It just do not exist. If two people are serious about each other and do not want to cheat or be cheated on, then get married and stay close to God and hope or pray that the relationship will work without adultery but there are no guarantees, even in marriage... There is no such thing as cheating outside of marriage because every person not married don't need to be faithful to one person. Girlfriend or boyfriend is just that, male and female friends!! Living common law does not deserve the same rights are legal marriage. Sorry!!!


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  • I've never done this but I'd probably feel like the most useless, worthless piece of scum on the planet, considering I am with a guy who is not only okay with cheating on his girlfriend, but I am okay being with a guy who doesn't see me as worthy of being in a committed relationship with.

  • She waste her time To get potential cheater, time will revenge we get what we give