If you could remember past lives, would you want to?

Let's assume there is life after death and people get reborn again and again on Earth. And each time in different place and age. Would you want to remember your past lives and everything that you did and happened to you - all the happy memories and all the nightmares you had to experience or cause. Would you want to live with that knowledge?


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  • I would like to remember that I had past lives because it would take away the fear of dying. I would like to remember the lessons I have learned from those lives. The only think I couldn't bear to remember is the people I loved and people I lost, too much pain to handle, unless if those people were following me in every life or at least I knew that they are safe and well

    • This was the perfect answer I couldn't have said it better and have nothing left to say


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  • No : / it will Redo all the human innovations that invented or learned after bad experiences

  • Nooooooo. I already have bad experiences from this life. Good as well. Why do I need more of it? That lifes over. Move on. When youve had a relationship with a girl, you don't go back to your ex if the new one is better or just as good do you? Not exactly a great analogy, but you get my point?


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  • Yes, yes I would love that.

    I once had a dream that seemed like it could have
    been about something like a past life, but you know.. dreams.

  • Yes that would be incredibly interesting and an out of this world experience that you'd be crazy to give up.

    • Keep in mind you will also remember all the pain and all the people you have lost stretching back possibly centuries.

    • Pssttt that ain't my life know fuck em, I'd just be really interested for more of a historical intrigue and If reincarnation was real I'd like to know.