Creationists, if you saw animal A evolve into animal B or vice versa, would you consider that "Macro-Evolution"?

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  • No, because nothing and no one could ever convince me that God doesn't exist. Like i always say , It's futile to challenge my belief in God, because my belief in God is unwavering.

    • Even if evolution happened it doesn't mean that god doesn't exist.

    • Yeah i know there's many theories to evolution ,. I don't believe in any of them Mostly on GaG though the option for God to have created everything by evolution is not usually the case. I believe everything was created according to their own kind - not evolution

    • But what does that mean "their own kind"?

  • Those look like they would be in the same genus so probably not

    • They're actually not in the same genus, click the link for more info.

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    • But did he subsequently wipe them out and then make new ones on the way?

    • Well there are points the earth was basically destroyed so maybe

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  • What if you are an atheist, creationist, evolutionist