Do you own a pet or pets?

I have a pet rat. Her name is Snowflake. She's a brat.Do you own a pet or pets?


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  • Red nose pitt named Cranberry, wessie/pom mix named Cheche, Yorkie/shihtzu mix named Kye Johnny Depp Rivers, I had a budgerigar named Chippy😇😇😢R. i. p little nigga. and a ferrat named Blumpsie. Next yr I'll just own cat's since that's my future lmao 😂😂😂 I'm thinking about a lab or great dane atm.

    • I like the unique names you give your pets:) My ex named the rat, I would have gone for a much more interesting name but oh well. Haha you're too young to become a cat lady =p

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    • Ur not old, ur young at heart but ahhhh just don't have a flip phone though lmao😂or I can't help u.

    • Lol no flip phone, that's so 2006. Got my trusty ol galaxy note 3, but I usually get on here through my laptop which is connected to my TV..

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  • I have a jet black cat named Sophie/Sophia she's got the Italian fire and thinks she's queen of the world.

    Gotta labradoodle named biscuit , who's like a big stuffed bear.

    A chug named Carl who's lives pretty much revolves around basking in the sun and constantly cuddling with other people, spoiled rotten and he likes to nibble on peoples toes and trying to bite my other dogs throat.

    Then I have a hermit crab named Jeff who I will have for the next like 30 years lmao, he pretty much stays under his rock all day.

    • I love cats, but don't think it would be a good idea to have one with the rat around lol. Wow I didn't know hermit crabs lived that long..

    • Yeah me to cats are pretty awesome and lmao yeah bad idea with snowflake running around, and yup hermit crabs live a super long time.

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  • I used to have a Newfoundland dog but he passed away last year. :( Seeing other people with their pets makes me feel so depressed...

  • We were GONNA get pet rats but then we got bunnies :D

  • She's beautiful! I love my bunny, cat, and chickens ❤️