Please tell me alcohol and drugs should be banned?

People use it improperly and put other at risk. Like drinking and driving imagine how many people get killed each day bc of drinking and driving. And they neglect the laws just because we have freedom. " oh this a free country we can do whatever we want" yes this is a free country but rules and laws should be placed for safety. And drugs? People can be a drug addict within mins without realizing it.


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  • I don't think banning things is the way to deal with problems, there will always be ways to get them, and I don't think we should have to have some parental figure tell us what we can or can't do.
    I think education that's based on FACT, not scare tactics, is responsible.
    I think TREATMENT should be available and not have such stigma attached to it.
    I think turning people into criminals because of addiction is the wrong way to deal with the problem.
    And I'm totally in favor of harsh punishment for people who abuse the freedom they are born with and who put other peoples lives or health at risk.

    Drinking and driving is a big problem, and we see advertisements for alcohol everywhere. I know people who have been arrested for DUI more than once and still are able to drive (true, some of them have to blow into a machine in order to start their car, but that system isn't foolproof).

    I'm a recreational marijuana user, it's illegal where I live but I have no problem getting it, and I also use it in the privacy of my own home (usually with my guitar in my lap and my headphones on). I could potentially go to jail and be locked up for doing this... does that seem right?

    Should I be a criminal? Should I have to commit a crime in order to use "drugs", or should I be free to ingest a substance that doesn't harm ANYONE (even if it was harmful, it would only harm me) in the privacy of my own home (or at an outdoor concert where I'm going to be relaxing and enjoying some music for a few hours)?

    For what it's worth I've also smoked opium twice (in the privacy of my own home, no ill effects) and eaten mushrooms more times than I could count on my fingers and my toes (... again, in the privacy of my own home, or the homes of friends). The marijuana is a habit, though I go sometimes months without using it and function fine. Never got hooked on the opium, though it probably wasn't the greatest stuff around to be fair, and the mushrooms are something most people probably don't want to do more than once every few months at the most.
    So on paper, you might categorize me as a druggie and a criminal who should be locked up, right?

    Education and treatment would do people a world of good compared to drug laws, jail sentences, and being made to feel like a criminal.

    I'd say I have no problem with banning alcohol, because I rarely drink, but I also know plenty of people who enjoy booze AND use it responsibly.

    • I mean people who use it improperly. Like drinking and driving and doing something they don't know.

    • Yeah, those people won't be stopped by the substances being banned. Same reason stricter gun laws won't stop nut jobs from going out and shooting up churches and shopping malls.

      For drinking and driving, I'm all for harsh punishments for people who screw up badly. I don't think jail or $$$ fines alone are the answer though.

      It's messed up that adults who were caught simply with a bag of marijuana or psychedelic drugs are locked up sometimes for YEARS, and people who repeatedly get behind the wheel after drinking get a slap on the wrist and are let free.

    • It can be a messed up world sometimes

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  • What drugs are you looking to ban? Things like meth and heroine? Or are you looking to ban all drugs including need pharmaceuticals? Regarding alcohol look at how prohibition ended. Gang violence went through the roof. Public safety would be at even more of a risk with increased organized crime. Banning these substances would ultimately be a costly, inefficient method of going about things as people who want them will still be able to get them. Just look at the gun control issue is playing out. You can't ban something that is readily available to the public.


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  • Well, ideally speaking yes banning them will be good, but the practically speaking don't you think people who do these things will just find another way to buy them, even if it's illegal and that's definitely not good.

    Hence practically speaking banning may not be a solution for all this. Spreading awareness about the harmful effects of using drugs and alcohol is a better option.

  • Let's not stop with drugs and alcohol! Let's ban knives because you might cut yourself and people use them to commit crimes! Let's ban cars because people might crash! Let's ban red meat because too much of it is bad for you! Let's ban soap because you might slip on it and hurt yourself.

    It is not the government's job to regulate every single aspect of their citizen's lives.

  • they tried that once, and it led to more problems than it solved. the problem is the people not the substance. if people could do it responsibly we wouldn't have any problems

  • Tried it didn't work
    Look up the Prohibition.
    It just led to gangs and corrupt politicians since people like booze.

    You can't legislate morality.
    Don't like it then don't take part in it.

    People have to be responsible for themselves. The government isn't there to babysit you. The government's job is to make sure you have your basic services and that the economy functions.

  • The fact that some people use drugs and alcohol improperly does not mean that everyone should have that freedom taken away. "Free country" does not mean you get to do whatever you want to do. Rules and laws are already in place for safety, and people will break them no matter what. The moment you start chipping away at freedoms "for the common good" you've lost.

  • Nooo. Leave my booze and drugs alone. : (

  • Driving under influence should just have harsher penalties.
    Most DUI offenders don't even get jail time only a measly 30 day suspension of the drivers license and a little fine.

  • Why don't we ban human-driven cars instead. That seems more reasonable in terms of risk. Drunk pedestrians are a lot safer then sober drivers.

  • No, def. not. We already tried it once, it didn't work. Once you turn 21, you may change your mind

  • Banning of any substance starts a black market run by criminal that cops have to fight not to mention gang wars tgat will kill way more people then drinking and driving and you will also have your taxes more than doubled to pay for all the cops and the money your making not taxing the booze in the first place as for drug the cops can't stop it from coming in and super harsh punishment only stop addicts from getting help and fills up your prison with people who are only going to learn how to be better criminals next time plus illegal drugs make them cost way more with means more theifs of stuff to pay for the drugs and look at Finland they legalized pot and prostitution and they only have 11000 prisoners in the hole country and smoking pot doesn't mean you have a free country because it legal in NORTH KOREA


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