Girls.. I cooked a roast beef dinner one night.. then this happened?

I invited some friends of mine over to join me.. I had worked a long time to get it just right as it was the first time I had ever invited a group of both guys and girls over to dinner, just as I finished cooking it and put everything on the table.. I had to run and do a small errand.. so I told everyone what I was doing and said I would be back soon.. so please dig in and enjoy.. just as I got back.. the pizza delevery driver guy was just pulling out of the driveway.. I did not say nothing to any of them that night about it.. but decided I would not cook a dinner and invite people over anymore.. did I do the right thing


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  • So what happened to the roast beef? .. And what explanation did your so called friends give?

    • There was no explanation said and I did not ask for one... I just left it alone and that evening faded away rather quickly.. besides what were they going to say if I had of asked.. hey man the pizza was great

    • At least it might have explained the reason why they did this.. I for one would have been extremely upset and annoyed, especially having made all the effort to start with.. I can tell you they would have most certainly known about it from me.

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  • Wow, sounds as though you once again messed yourself!