People who've smoked pot... Do you find it impacts your motor skills, coordination, judgement, etc?

I was reading the comments on some news article and people were debating if pot impairs drivers or not.

I've smoked quite a bit in my day and have my own opinion, but wonder what others experience.

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Opinions are all over the place on this one... Crazy.


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  • It does impact my coordination and motor skills (I'm generally not aloud to drive a motorized vehicle but I can also feel it when walking), however, it does not affect my judgement. Contrary to alcohol, pot leaves me pretty much sober mentally in the sense that you can still have very normal talks/discussions with me and I can give coherent answers to questions (unless I'm suuuper stoned). I also don't really do stupid things when I'm high on pot. I'm pretty much the same person, I'm just more talkative, more relaxed, especially kind and shaky on my legs. That's pretty much it.


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  • Yeah I won't drive and smoke. I'm not sure about the symptoms you're talking about, but I'm way more easily distracted.

    • Thanks for answering. I'm surprised people aren't more opinionated on this...

  • Yeah on GTA I kept driving into walls (and didn't even realise I'd hit a wall and kept driving not realizing I had stopped). Though I've heard people who drive when stoned drive extremely slowly but feel like they are going fast, so it's actually quite safe (on GTA going slow isn't really an option so I guess it doesn't really prove anything)

    • Thank you for sharing.

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