Would you let your boyfriend or girlfriend discipline your child?

Ok so im in a tough situation im in a new relationship with this guy and things are getting a bit serious we been dating a liitle over 9 months and we made it official between us 2 months ago and now i let him move in with me. He has 2 kids from his previous relationship a boy & a girl they come over on the weekends the boy is 5 & the girl is 3 i babysit them when i get off of work for four hours until there dad get off work... i have an ok friendship with their mom i figure she doesn't like me because i can just sense it... but she's respectful and so am i but anyways she told me that they are a handful so if they get out of line to spank them...Would you let your boyfriend or girlfriend discipline your child? i laughed it off because at the time she told me that i didn't think they where that bad but nooooow lol they are very much so a handful and i do get the urge to wanna spank them escpecially the 5 year old he calls me racist names like a n****r, blacky pants, & calls me stupid ass, fat ass, im not even fat i guess he's just not use to seeing women with big hips and big butt lol but he ruins my apartment NEVER listens while the 3 year old mocks him but she actually listens if i tell her to stop but i tell her to stop over 50 times! I dont spank them Yet lol i got the ok from their mom but not dad they act like angels around there dad and he loves them so much he will never lay a hand on them yell at them nothing i know he would be tottally against me hitting them i rather just stop watching them so i wouldn't have to spank them but i dont want their dad thinking i dont like them and i do want to help out with his kids he only get them on the weekends i want to oneday be their stepmom but i dont know what to do. He gets really sensitive over his kids i dont want this to ruin our relationship i just want his kids to have respect for me 😩

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  • Set up a hidden camera so you have proof then show him what was happening and then get him to punish them


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  • You need to tell their dad that they are making racial slurs. That is extremely disrespectful and something he needs to put a stop to immediately if they are going to grow up to be decent human beings. He is living with you in your house and you are taking care if his kids. That sounds like you are already being generous of heart and you sure don't deserve that crap out of them. Tell him if he doesn't put a stop to it, the two of you are going to have some problems.


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  • I don't see my self having a kid

  • I don't know because i don't see myself in a position where i have a child without a wife.

  • Oh hell no in no way.

  • Will never have a girlfriend, thankfully


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  • Just a tip: run on sentences cause headaches... -_-

    But you should really confront your boyfriend on their behavior so he can distribute a punishment. Considering you're fairly new to them they probably won't take any punishment you dish out seriously and will probably ignore it.

    • Lol sorry. But yeah but he so sensitive over his kids he takes everything the wrong way... he won't even believe me if i told him that they where bad & yeah they dont listen to my commands.

    • Do they act different around you when he's home?

    • Yes like little angels.