Conversation I overheard. How could this give me a hint? What kind of hint is this?

So I am talking to a girl that I have know since childhood at place I'm not familiar with some other friends of ours are there to. One of her friends was there that I found somewhat interesting. So I ask my friend a little bit about her. I didn't even think what I asked could be obviously considered when a guy was interested, I'm not sure if I care. However I saw in her eye like she was glad I asked her about her friend, even though what she said was completely devoid of indication that she suspecting anything. I am not remembering right off the bat what she said because of what I heard later but it was neutral nice feeling that I got from my friends response.
Now to a little bit later to after the talk me and my friend had to the conversation that I overheard. I have always had, sensitive hearing so hearing other people's conversations isn't entirely out of the norm for me. My friend and the girl are having girl-girl talk and I notice that the conversation was a little bubbly, happy and I was the subject matter. My friend said "Yeah he is into you" to which the girl responded sounding a little happy. I was a little on the fence on whether I found the situation favorable because I'm only a little interested, and while I admit I kinda liked the attention, I know I probably shouldn't eavesdrop. However how many people would just walk away when they find themselves in this scenario. After the first part I was able to understand, there was about five to ten seconds of chatter I couldn't make out before I finally heard something I understood. I heard that girl say with something different in her voice, "Maybe I could get some gum, give him a little hint." I am left with no way to understand what that means I started walking away after that and two seconds later I heard them come out the room, I look behinde and heard the girl asked do you think he heard us, thats all I recall. Can someone tell me what does that mean, with bubble gum?


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