Are tight jeans really turn on?

If it shows guys bulge? Lol I have enough pair but I was thinking of investing more in em.


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  • I mean, I dig it.

    I dig it even more if a boy can pull off tight leather pants with steel-toe boots, oh hell yeah. Esp if the boy happens to be shirtless, with a nice tapered waist and that whole Adonis-belt thing happening in front.


    You have to have a good eye, though, to get the fit right. There's a LOT of ways to get it wrong.

    Like, if yr jeans hug yr thighs and then flare out at the calves? Haha lol, no. Unless you are into looking like a sixth-grade girl.

    But, if the calves are tight enough where yr calf muscles show through? Nope. You just won the girly award, again.

    If you have big thighs and skinny calves, like a sprinter, you might not be able to pull this off at all, unless you just cut the jeans off around the knee, or else wear some serious motorcycle boots over the bottom half.

    • Well I have big enough legs overall Tbh :-p I was wondering about bulge part but are thigh muscles really a turn on in tight jeans? Lol

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    • From your comments ur a guy

    • @microcephalicguy lmaoo

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  • Um.

    Some guys can rock it others look ridiculous especially if it hugs their crotch. It makes me think that they have nothing if it doesn't hurt them. its like a wedgie there seriously.



    • Well what if there is something and you can see it clear enough? I am not talking about like super crotch tight

  • Depends on the guy wearing them.
    If they look like this:
    Nooo way.

    But if he has muscular legs and the jeans aren't super skin tight, it's hot.

  • It's not about the bulge, I just like to see legs. 😛😍💁

  • haha ummm noooo!! Guys that wear tight jeans to show off their "bulge" means three things: insecure as hell, have a small af dick, and does not know how to buy clothes. That's what 99% of girls think when they see a guy wearing tight jeans and trust me it's not attractive

    • How can it be small when its going through pocket, Duh. But I am not talking about that tight

  • not tight jeans, normal jeans that look tight because he's got jacked thighs

  • nahh lol

  • Yesss if you got sexy legs

  • Nope.
    It's a turn off.

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    • And howz seeing what's between legs girly? Lol so you saying it looks bad?

    • The tightness of the jeans is girly.

      But what is in between the legs is a turn off as well.

      It seems the jeans is too tight obviously, and looks bad.

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