Men, how do you feel if you see your girlfriend get hotter than when she was with you?

You still follow her on Instagram even if she doesn't. What do you automatically think when she looks better than ever and receives many compliments? Do you regret it?


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  • She is desperate for him lol the dude doesn't care. He obviously broke up with her cause he knows he can do better and the girl in this case probably you, still want him even though he's moved on.

    • Well they both broke up (mutual). And if he did move on why follow her on insta, talk about her and bring up memories to others he has with her?

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    • You took time out of your day to ask a question about him. Let that sink in.

    • Yes I mean I still care about him but he obviously does as well.

  • Depends why we broke up

    • If it was a mutual thing because she didn't seem happy with you.

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    • Yeah but what if he is still talking about her to his friends. And he doesn't even reach out to her despite 3x she did. And she finally did once last time to apologize

    • Alright well hopefully his guy sees all the attention she's getting and thinks wow I was a dope for letting her go.

  • Thats petty to do that. Seem as to tho the girl can't get over him

    • how so? How is improving not getting over someone?

      Isn't it the other way around? The fact that he still follows her shows he isn't over her. And the fact that he brings her up to his friends from time to time despite the fact that he is having "fun" with hoes

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