Do beautiful girls always have to be better?

They don't have to be super-smart, just smart, because their looks make up for it anyways.

Be a somewhat smart beautiful girl and the world is in the palm of your hand.


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  • Err... I guess it depends on the situation. A beautiful and somewhat smart woman might be a pleasant company for a Friday evening but I wouldn't let her give me a brain surgery unless she is a freakin genious. Most men think with their other head around such women and are easy to manipulate but still looks won't get you everywhere. It is a lot of fun watching a woman using her charms when you're not really attracted to her.


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  • Good-looking people have the advantages in life. It's one of those evolution things. If someone is on the very good-looking scale people assume they aren't smart because they don't "have" to be. A person can be both but then other people get jealous that this person got looks AND brains.


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