Girls, My car is always hard to start, does your car have issues?

Girls I have to crank my car over quite a few times before it starts, do any of you have this problem?

Should I try pumping the gas pedal?


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  • No maybe your starter or alternator are going bad?

    • Thanks for the reply, should I try pumping the gas pedal?

    • Only if the car is reay old. That trick is for a carburetor not a catalytic converter.

    • Ok cause I was trying to warm it up in my shorts today and it wouldn't catch. I'm nervous it won't start today 😕

  • No I don't have that problem then my 4x4 is only 1 1/2 old. Might be time to take it in for a tuneup.

    • Yeah I get nervous with it. I went to warm it up in my shorts and I didn't think it was going to start, I was starting to get cold 😕 Should I pump the gas pedal?

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    • Yeah it kept chugging and stalling.

    • I get nervous when my car won't start but I also get kinda turned on. I know it's a little weird but I do for some reason. 😉

  • I think guys would help you better with that

    • Thanks, I get nervous when it happens, I was leaving the gym in my shorts when it was cold the other day and I was afraid I might get stranded cause it took so long to finally start.

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    • Me too, It is embarrassing at times.

    • Haha alrighty