Does really nice people like him exists?

My friend has been really caring towards me and is trying to help me get over someone.
He's been checking up on me, listening to my problems and everytime I've been staring blankly he'd ask me what I'm thinking. He even told me to message him first whenever i thought about messaging the guy and to call him when i felt lonely or needed someone to talk to. He's even said i was smart and beautiful.

I never really met a person like him... let alone the fact he's a guy too.


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  • Yes such giys do exist and always have. I cannot vouch for your friend, naturally. Tou are lucky to have such a friend.


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  • lol A LOT of guys are like that and just like him they end up in the friend zone lol he likes you in more than a friends way

    • Really? I thought he was just helping me because he had a bad breakup like six months ago.

  • Well. Nice people does exist. If i was him i will be all over u as well 😈. He is very interested with u. But as always, its not as straightforward as it seems. U need to observe him from his friends and surroundings. Is he a genuinely nice person? Or just pretending to be?

  • You never know unless you try.


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