What is your religion, what is your view on creation/evolution and does your religion influence those views?


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  • I am agnostic... I don't really know what I believe god and evolution seems wrong to me

    • why does evolution seem wrong?

    • I don't know... I just for some reason can't get behind it. It just seems slightly ridiculous.

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  • Christianity.

    I do believe God created It all.

    I believe in most all of evolution outside of saying we originated from more primitive species. There is hard science in evolution that has been proven and can be tested. But I think it falls off when it says we originated from creatures that are nothing like we are today.

    There's a limit to the physical changes that evolution does and I feel the evolution creation theory blows it out of proportion. It doesn't help that "Macro" evolution hasn't been proven and really can't be proven, and It uses the the out by saying you can't see the difference for millions of years. So yea, yes I believe in the proven science aspects of evolution, but not the final overarching theory that claims this is how we came in existence.

    • Macro evolution is defined as speciation which has been directly observed (Madeira mice).

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    • According to Lamarck, if you punched walls you develop thicker bones and pass that on to our children. According to Darwin: If punching walls was somehow increased the chances to reproduce, people with naturally thicker bones in their fist would reproduce more often, thus the percentage of people with thick bones in their fist increases.

    • Are you referring to Darwin's Theory specifically with this post?


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  • I am a Jehovah's Witness. I believe in creation and a creator. I believe this because my religion demonstrates that we were made in God's image.

    • how does it demonstrate that?

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    • Actually are anatomy is fairly similar to that of a monkey, and no the monkeys came from this guy en.wikipedia.org/.../...:Plesiadapis_cooki_(2).jpg
      And the big bang wasn't an explosion, it was an expansion.

    • You only asked what my beliefs are and how my religion supports them. I'm not here to change your views

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  • I am muslim , and believe in creation of course I personally believe in the big bang theory as how the universe began , but about theories like the big bang and the theory of evolution, it doesn't contradict relgion , the theory if evolution contradicts relgion in a small part of the theory not all of it

  • I am a Christian and I don't believe in evolution. I believe in Old Earth creation. I think evolution has some science to it but the idea that we all come from monkeys or a single organism is a huge extrapolation of what we can prove. Also the Bible clearly states God directly created Adam, he wasn't born from a woman. His body was formed first, then life was breathed into it. That's very clear in the Bible so I don't understand these Christians who apparently throw the Bible out the window and say evolution is consistent with the Bible.

    • When you take phylogeny into account, the extrapolation becomes much smaller.

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    • well the problem with your stance is that it's not just that we're descended from apes, we are apes, chimps are closer to humans than they are to gorillas

    • My stance is that humans are not descendants of anything but other humans. If taxonomists want to classify humans as apes that's fine, but I don't believe we share a common ancestor, rather a common Creator.