Something that should make me feel terrible just happened, but I don't feel a thing?

This girl who I've been talking to for a couple of weeks now and who I thought was super interested in me as well admitted she liked another guy today of all days, and usually i'd be a trainwreck, but I don't feel a thing, no anger, no sorrow, I'm just completely numb. Does that mean I never cared? Because I know I did but I can't bring myself to feel.


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  • Might just be a late reaction, but I don't know bc most people I know don't do this.. But with me, when something bad happens or I'm in a bad situation, it takes a while to register and I feel like I'm not upset and like I can deal with it. And then a week or two later, it hits me and that's when I breakdown


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  • maybe you didn't like her as much is you though , I know there have been girls I was interested in and things didn't work out but I didn't really care and then were others I was really upset when things failed , so maybe she wasn't that important