A Girl Friend of mine Asked me to Play Soccer With Her, but I am Nervous about Getting Hit in the groin.. Should I be?

I'm not sure if I am just being cowardly... but do you think there is a chance of me getting hit there playing against my friend? The friends with her are also girls. Do you think there is a chance I could get hit/kicked there?

I also feel like if it did happen ishe would just laugh at it.


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  • Hmm I don't really know how big of a deal it is for you (or any guy) to get hit there around other people, but the way I see it is you don't really have to worry about it. Accidents happen, and people understand that it hurts a lot for guys, but I don't think you need to avoid a social situation for fear of getting hit in the groin. If it does happen, don't feel offended if they laugh, and just play it off casually and say you're gonna take 5 to sit out.

    One time soon after I had met my now-boyfriend, we were playing soccer in a group and I accidentally kicked him in the leg trying to kick the ball. It hurt him so bad he was on the ground in pain (to this day I still wonder if this was an act 😜), so I felt pretty bad... until he scored a goal on my team less than two minutes later 😏.

  • I mean... I'm pretty sure groin shots happen to guys sometimes in soccer!

  • Lol no, it's really unlikely. Although if I did happen I think at least one of them would laugh...