Who has been on unemployment?

So a few months ago, I had any worker's biggest nightmare happen, being fired. I was working for Comcast doing door to door sales for a year, which was rough to begin with. Only thing that made it worth it was their pay and benefits were good. Long story short, I got fired for not making their insanely high sales quota. Even though I wrote lots of sales in my last few months, they didn't get installed in time which is when you finally meet quota.

Having said that, I've been on unemployment for the past 3 months and it's been rough. I've been getting lots of interviews but ended up not getting a job. The only place that have offered are places that pay barely above minimum wage or commission only which is tough. It's just stressful because I've been applying left and right and have the same issues I had before I worked at Comcast which is that I couldn't be hired because I wasn't "experienced" for a fucking ENTRY level job. Even with experience, I'm still getting the same response.

When you were on unemployment, how long did it last and how long did it take you get a job?

What tips do you have to do better at interviews to better your chances?

Well I just got a new job yesterday :)


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  • I've been on unemployment twice in my life, both times were less than two months.

    I've been rather lucky, well perhaps not lucky... but I've never found it very difficult to get a job. I've only ever been turned down for one job and that's because I didn't really want it - I seem to do well in interviews... I would suggest doing your background on the company. Google them, find out as much about them as you can and then pretend it's been an ambition to work for them, that you really really want yo work for their company and not another. Show that you are familiar with them.

    As for the minimum wage jobs, it's better to be employed than not so if I were you I would take a minimum wage job and keep searching for another. At least if an employer asks what you are currently doing you can explain that you were let go from a commission based job and now you are working at X and looking for an opportunity where you can develop your career.

    Have you had someone take a look over your CV/resume?


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  • I've been on it twice, once when I was joining the military and placed on a three/four year waiting list and once when I left it and joined the job search. I went from a qualified engineer to a retail job, ironically I enjoy the latter and have already gotten promotion. In saying that I haven't a clue what exactly I want.


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  • I've never been unemployed, however, I know it's a LOT easier to get a job when you already have a job. We can say that qualifications are all that should matter, but basic human motivations still come into play. So what I would suggest is taking one of those minimum wage jobs, and then continue to apply for the other jobs you really want. That will appear better to employers than seeing that you are unemployed.

  • Depending on the duration of work will depend on how much EI will be paying you and for how long. That varies from person to person. I think EI usually tells you for how long. But it's a very minimal amount which really sucks.

    In all honesty, finding work isn't easy. Find work that actually pays well and offers benefits is even worse. but keep trying eventually it'll work out. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.

    • i was told until November but i wanna get off of it as soon as i can. Even though I have my own apartment, it got boring after a week or two

    • yeah and it fucking pisses me off when people generalize all people on unemployment as lazy people not willing to work. clearly they don't understand how unemployment benefits work. Im thinking about going to the unemployment office directly and am gonna see if i can find work directly through them in addition to my search

    • Keep searching for work. Before you know it, you'll find something better. It's not going to be easy.

      Forget the incompetent people who are going to judge you for being on EI. What they don't realize is the simple fact that you had to work a certain amount of hours just to earn that minimal EI amount. It's not free money. It's the money the government "is saving for you for a rainy day" bull crap.

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  • Read What Does Somebody Have To Do To Get A Job Around Here by Cynthia Shapiro. Great interview tips and resume advice.

  • I was on unemployment for three months. I was eligible for 6 months. Good paying jobs are out there but don't necessarily put out job adds. Take a look at factories, distribution centers, warehouses that you know pay well and go directly to their websites to apply.

  • I have cerebral palsy
    I had a stroke
    I'm limited to what I can do
    Haven't worked yet at 25
    I've been in disabilty since I was 18

    Without my parents I'd live in the projects
    It'd be rough without family
    Without family I'd have like no money for food or water

  • 3 months :/ it's hard

    • yeah it is, it got a little discouraging a few weeks ago when i got to my 5th interview with this one company only to be turned down

    • You are lucky to get calls; it best to get a job to pay the bills first and then look for another job at the sametime