Do you enjoy smashing or burning objects?

Oh man... I really love it... although I'm fucking limited... I cannot smash or burn ma own stuff since they are ma own... but I'd love to go into a house filled wid glass items and SMASH everything there... or into a house filled wid paper boxes and MELT 'em ALL.,...

Only I can do now's just smash some empty glass bottle or burn a paper box... but I'd really like to do more... coupled wid some edgy raw music genre it's definitely a fucking awesome experience...

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  • I've always said to myself, "Self, if I knew the world was gonna end in a week, the first thing I'd do is drive to the nearest antique store or something and smash everything with a baseball bat."

    I also looove seeing how different things react to getting lit on fire (although I did most of that sort of thing around my middle school years with my neighbor friend). And fireworks are my favorite thing in the world.


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  • Burn yeah but not smash