Advice for getting your parents to consent to you getting a tattoo?

So I live with my mom and aunt and my mom finally became okay with me getting a tattoo on my wrist of a wolf. Small 2 by 4 inch design and we set up a date and the day before I was going to get it my aunt butted in... She told me that people wouldn't hire me, I should get it somewhere else, people would look at me differently. I wouldn't play varsity for softball and various other things. My mom agreed.. Now she won't let me get a tattoo until I am 18! Well that ain't happening!! How do I convince her that I am mature to take care of one, and that it's not gonna be bad


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  • I think it depends a lot on what you're tattooing and where, but unfortunately people can discriminate, even though I personally don't believe it happens too often anymore.

    That said, a tattoo is something that you're going to carry on your body for life, so they are not completely wrong in saying that you should wait until you're 18. ;)


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  • I honestly agree with your mom. It's best to put it somewhere not as visible as your wrist. Maybe if you decide somewhere else she may be a bit more inclined to letting you get one.


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  • Tattoos are forever. What's the harm in waiting three more years?