Can u improve eyesight nnaturally?

If so how?


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  • You can't improve your eyesight, but you can maintain it. I'm sure you've heard carrots are good for your eyesight. Yes, this is true along with any form of vitamin A, but only for maintaining vision. Kinda like hearing; if you expose yourself to loud sounds for long periods of time, you start to damage your ears permanently and can't get it back.

    However, if you are suffering from a serious vision problem due to Vitamin A deficiency, there is a good chance you can regain some vision. But I doubt you have that problem.

    • I've Got No Deficiency X

      U believe what you want, but I believe mine will improve if god wills


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  • so basically your eyes will adjust to your conditions so lets say you look at things close say your phone then your eyes will adjust to see that better but making your vision less effective in other ways i read something that said there is no such thing as bad vision but due to things like reading small print on books phone tv etc your eyes adjust to see those things better that's why i think so many "Nerds" with glasses have bad vision from their eyes having to adjust to see small print so the best thing to do when you are studying or watching tv etc is to make sure to rest your eyes every hr or so by looking at different things far and close

  • eat onions and carrots


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