I just ordered a new computer... what should I upgrade the power supply with?

Intel Core i7-6700 Processor (Quad-Core, 3.4GHz, 8MB Cache)
32GB DDR4 System Memory
1TB (7200RPM) SATA Hard Drive
Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 Graphics (4.0GB Dedicated Video Memory)

BUT... it only has a 460W power supply. For those kinds of specs, how big of a power supply should I put in there?


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  • I think you should power it using three small gerbils and a mini Van Der Graaf generator.


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  • Get a better GPU man a fucking gtx 745 I hope you don't play games that is gonna get you shit fps it's equivalent to a 460 which is like 5 years old WTF. you need at least a gtx 970 if not in SLI with that beast cpu, What's with all the memory as well you only need 8gb.

    My specs are i5 4690k (3.5ghz core clock, but I overclocked that motherfucker to 3.9 with custom water cooling), 16GB ddr3 RAM, 2TB hard drive, GTX 970 (overclocked to an extra 239 core clock mhz) and 620W psu

    Your power supply is fine man 460W is it bronze certified or better as long as it isn't some low-tier piece of shit 460 works the gpu only takes up 55W, although you can't upgrade it with a better gpu until you increase the psu. I'd go with a 650w-700w psu if you really want to change it this will allow you get a better GPU with potential double monitor functionality or SLI configs.

    • Can you remove the psu without voiding the warranty since your is custom built I assume, I built mine myself but my friend voided the warrant upgrading it himself.

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    • Nah, I just want to do really large paintings.

    • I have done video editing before of my own wildlife videos, so I wouldn't mind doing that again.


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  • If you go to the manufacturers website of each part and look at the specs you can get the power consumption of each part. It's usually listed as TDP (thermal design power). Add those up and tack on another 20% - 25% or so for good measure. The CPU and graphics card (s) will be the biggest consumer.

    If the computer is from a major manufacturer you should be fine with the stock power supply. It's in their interest that the PSU be able to handle the load of the system otherwise they get a lot of returns and they lose money. But if you're thinking of upgrading the machine (I'm guessing probably the video card - why someone would put a mediocre card into such an otherwise impressive system, I can't imagine) you're probably going to need a new PSU.

    • My ultimate goals are 64gb of ram. I used to build my own computers, but this time I ordered a refurbished Dell, because the price was too good to pass up. It's an XPS 8900.

      I'm not sure what card I will get, but it likely won't be a top of the line one. I've had a 1gb ati 6700 for years, so ANYTHING newer (including this stock card) will be amazing to me... haha. I just want dual dvi hookups, since I don't have HDMI monitors.

  • I use a Corsair 850. Been in my homebrewed machine about 6 months now. No problems with it. Plenty of grunt for further upgrades.

    • What are your specs?

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    • Don't you think 850 is a bit overkill surely 700-750 is fine even for being able to upgrade evertything.

    • @Josht11 Probably is overkill, but I needed a PSU quick to fix the machine, and I had very little choice that day. Local Maplins had a choice of 3 IIRC.

  • 700W gold certified, I'd say. The more the merrier, though. Somewhere between 650 and 850 is what you are looking for.

  • You should get a better graphics card with more memory. If you can't afford a GTX980, a 970 is better than that.

    • He's not really gonna be gaming so the CPU stats are more important no need to go overboard with a 970 especially not a 980, I have a 970 and I'm a heavy gamer unless he's not gonna upgrade for yearssss no need for 970.

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    • I have a GTX980M (yes, I have a gaming laptop, shoot me) with 8GB.

      @Josht11 if he's not gaming, the spec is fine.

    • I play MMOs.